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Parent Portal

Dear AMDSB Families, 
We are introducing a new online portal for parents/guardians to view student information (report cards, secondary timetables, etc.). Parents/guardians will now be able to self-register for an account with their own email address, provided that it matches the one that the school has on file (so that the correct individuals receive access to this information). 

This is a new way of accessing this information because last spring, parents/guardians had to use the student’s username. Now parents can create their own account with their own login information. 

Only the parent or guardian who is identified in the child’s student record as the ‘mother’, ‘father’ or ‘legal guardian’ will be able to access this information. If a parent does not have legal access to the student’s information, they will be able to create an account but not be able to access the information. 
Parents/guardians of students 18 and over will not be able to access the student’s information.

Parents are asked to read the full details on our website in order to create their account. There is also information about who to contact with technical issues. 

Please note that schools will inform parents/guardians when report cards are available for viewing. 

AMDSB Communications