School Council March news

On behalf of parent council we would like to say Thank You for those that participated in our final fundraiser for the 2019/2020 school year which was Elmira chicken and Tenderbuff.  It was a huge success! Thank you to the students and volunteers who helped it run so smoothly. Don’t forget our next Harvey’s night is March 11 and all proceeds will go towards our new playground. Our last Harvey’s night raised $1074; thanks again for the great support.


Dates to remember in March:

- Fruity Friday the 13th which parent council will be serving frozen yogurt with students choice of fruit toppings. We are still in need of 2 volunteers.

-March 16 - 22 MARCH BREAK


A friendly reminder that we NEED volunteers for FUN FAIR or we may not be able to host the fair this year. We require approximately 15 or more volunteers to run the event.  We need your help! If you are considering volunteering for the event which is tentatively scheduled for the end of May, please email Trish at your name and the time between 5pm and 8pm that you can help SUPERVISE. 


We are also asking for donations for classrooms activities, if you are able to donate any of the following, please bring them directly to Mrs. Crummer or Ms. Newton in the office:

  •  Kleenex, 
  • corn starch, salt , flour, oil, 
  • masking tape
  • scotch tape, craft tape, 
  • paper plates
  • small clear cups, dixie cups
  • shaving cream 
  • batteries AA 
  • potting soil, bird seed, 
  • bingo dabbers,
  •  foam hand soap 
  • potting soil

Thanks for all the support from our HAMLET HORNETS AND THEIR FAMILIES.



Tricia Robb and Johanna Hayes 

Your Chairs for Parent Council